Customer Satisfaction and Q&A

Are there any different flavours?

At the moment there are 7 flavours – Original, Coolmint, Teeth Whitening, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Orange & Lemon… all of which has been tested for the widest appeal and best flavour.

Can I buy Fuzzy Brush in a supermarket or pharmacy?

Not at present. However, we have factories that can produce Fuzzy Brush in blister packs (similar to ‘push through foil’ tablet containers) that you often see on store shelves, which will be available soon and be listed on our website.

Can I have some samples?

We do from time to time give out samples, but considering we normally have around 10 requests per day this makes it too costly for us to please everyone – keep trying…

Do you make any other products?

Fuzzy Brush is the only product we manufacture. There are plans to produce a totally new product to go alongside our vending machines, but we’re still developing them…

Is Fuzzy Brush meant to replace normal brushing?

No. We’re not trying to convince people to stop brushing with a normal toothbrush. We see Fuzzy Brush simply as a convenient and effective addition to oral hygiene.

Is Fuzzy Brush safe for my kids to use?

We recommend that the brush is not suitable for children under 6 years of age. However (considering how safe the brush is), this is more a precaution on our part. Generally speaking, it’s a matter of common sense and responsibility i.e. you wouldn’t expect to give the brush to a baby.

Is Fuzzy Brush safe to use?

Absolutely. Most people wonder what happens if you swallow the brush. In the highly unlikely event that you do swallow a Fuzzy Brush, they have been specifically designed and developed:
a: to pass naturally through the digestive system and
b: to allow air to pass through them, so that you cannot choke on them.

This in effect makes a Fuzzy Brush less harmful than chewing gum or a piece of hard candy/boiled sweet.

Is this a serious product?

Completely! We hope Fuzzy Brush is fun and easy to use. We trust that after having tried them yourself, you’ll see the fun side, but also realize that Fuzzy Brush is an effective, positive and useful addition to your daily brushing routine.

What about airlines/airports?

Using Fuzzy Brush on airlines is the most common suggestion we receive. In 2001, we tested Fuzzy Brush with an airline called Excelairways. We gave the airline 80,000 sachets to test and placed a two-page spread in their in-flight magazine. Fuzzy Brush went down a storm and we had an article written in the Sunday Times as a result (see ‘what are people saying about us’).

We feel sure that Fuzzy Brush would do well with larger airlines such as Virgin, British Airways, Qantas, American Airlines etc but, in all cases, we prefer to be asked for our product and leave it to the buyers in the industry to decide whether Fuzzy Brush is beneficial or not.

In relation, we do have vending machines in many airports around the world.

What are your responsibilities regarding health and safety and trading standards?

All the ingredients and plastic used for Fuzzy Brush are certified as safe to use by SGS Ltd and Inveresk Research – specialists in their field. Xylitol, the toothpaste flavouring, and polydextrose have their own individual certification as food grade standard. On each insert within the capsule, we must clearly display our address and batch number in order to identify any errors in either packing or production.

What ingredients are in Fuzzy Brush?

The ingredients in Fuzzy Brush are Xylitol, toothpaste flavour, aqua (water) and polydextrose making Fuzzy Brush suitable for vegetarians.

Xylitol is used in hundreds of products (including chewing gum) around the world and has some very interesting beneficial qualities. It represents 95% of the ingredients used in Fuzzy Brush.

For more information on Xylitol, have a look at Nature Purity

What is the plastic made of?

The brush itself is a food grade standard, non-toxic plastic.

In future and if possible, Fuzzy Brush will be made of a biodegradable plastic to help protect the environment.

What research is there to back Fuzzy Brush?

Without going into laborious detail; two studies have been done. One in the Netherlands (where the product originated) and one in California, America. The brush itself was developed and designed by a Dutch dentist. Both studies concluded the following facts:

  • The brush was as effective as a conventional toothbrush in removing plaque when used for 10 – 20 minutes.
  • The brush had an unsurpassed inflammatory inhibiting effect on gingivitis (gum disease).
  • The ease and convenience of the brush would be a stimulus for people to use it and subsequently improve their oral hygiene.

Furthermore it was noted that the brush would be of special help to the physically disabled. There are plans to run further tests in the UK with the British Dental Health Foundation.

Where are they made and why?

Fuzzy Brush is made in specialist factories in the United Kingdom. It is common to find many products made more cheaply and in some cases more effectively, in China, Mexico and even India. However, keeping production in one country helps us to ensure control over quality, health and safety and trading standards, rather than cutting costs.